Beating the Competition

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Meridian saw long gas lines Friday, but not for the reason you might think. Low gas prices had people lining up at one local gas station.

The Pump and Save on North Frontage Road became more of a parking lot and waiting became the new cost of gas.

"I'm going to fill my tank up. I have a small car. I'm going to fill my tank all the way up," said Latoya King.

That was the spirit at the Pump and Save as dozens lined up for a chance to save a buck at the pump.

Starting at 6:00 a.m., the station posted the $1.29 per gallon sign, and according to Mississippi Gas, it was the lowest price in the state.

"Usually, $1.59 or $1.60 and today it's $1.29, you'd be stupid not to get your gas here in town," said Clinton Goodin of DeKalb.

The average wait to fill up was 35-40 minutes.

"I stopped at McDonald's to get lunch and saw the low prices," said one patron.

Unfortunately, this was a one-time offer by the company that owns Pump and Save, but just how much did these people save?

Well, the national average is $1.69. For fifteen gallons it would cost about $25.35. At $1.29 that same amount costs $19.35, a six dollar savings, but the lower prices could be more than just a tease, gas prices are expected to fall across the nation.