Kemper Election Followup

A week after reviewing ballot boxes, Democratic sheriff's candidate, Johnny Harpole has filed a petition with the Kemper County Democratic Party contesting the August 26 election results.

In the nine-page petition, Harpole list at least 15 allegations of illegal acts during the election.

Some of the allegations include:

(1.) Convicted felons were allowed to vote contrary to law.

(2.) Deceases persons appear on the voter sign in list.

(3.) The resolution committee marking the resolution ballots only consisted of two persons, one of whom was related to the candidate, Sam Tisdale.

The executive committee for Kemper County's Democratic Party is now preparing to hold a public hearing to examine the claims.

"The party is going to convene for a meeting Friday morning to discuss our procedures for the hearing itself. For now, the hearing has been set for Monday at 1 PM," says committee member Marvin Wiggins.

After the executive committee releases its decision, if desired, the losing party can file a petition in circuit court. If this is done, the state supreme court will appoint an outside judge to hear the case. Ultimately, he says this process can take several weeks, if not months.

Meanwhile as it stands, Sheriff Sam Tisdale will still appear on the November 4 ballot as the democratic nominee for the position. If a petition is ultimately filed in court, election officials say the matter could have to be resolved with a special election.