Authorities Believe They Have Found Missing Teen

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The car was was discovered today upside down in a pond near the Hancock and Pearl River county line.

Investigators says the body found in the car matches Marrina K. Ladner's description. An autoposy will be performed to determine her identity.

Investigators do not know how Ladner's green Honda Accord ended up in the water. Ladner was last seen when she left work at a Subway restaurant in Kiln around midnight on September 6th.

Sheriff's deputies spent Tuesday searching the bridges between Kiln and Poplarville.

The Hancock County Sheriff's office says the car was found along one of the routes Ladner could have used to drive home from work.

Ladner's 19th birthday was Tuesday and a candle light vigil was scheduled to be held in Poplarville. Ladner is a student at Pearl River Community College.