Utility Crews Head East

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Crews that were headed east to help restore power in the anticipated aftermath of Hurricane Isabel, stopped over in Meridian Tuesday afternoon.

Workers from Central Louisiana Electric Company refueled and had lunch here, then continued on their way to the Virginia/North Carolina area on the East Coast.

"They're trying to get us stationed up there as close as we can," said Mike Creel of the Central Louisiana Electric Company. "And as soon as the aftermath, we can get in there and start working. Most of the time it's wind damage, a lot of trees down, poles broken, wire on the ground, that type of thing."

"We've got several bucket trucks and digger-type units and a couple of 4-wheel drive pick-ups," said Dean Graham of CLEC. "It feels good to go help out cause when a storm hits down here they come down here and help us."

An estimated 20,000 to 30,000 workers are expected to help out in the relief efforts.