See You at the Pole

Students at Meridian High School joined millions across the country for ''See You at the Pole'' Wednesday.

The 14th annual student-led prayer event began with one youth group in Texas.

Students said their freedom to assemble and worship is precious to them.

"God says if you can't confess Him before men, then he won't confess you before the Father when you get to Heaven," said Gerard Hills, a junior at Meridian High School. "It feels great that we can come together and pray in school. It's a blessing."

"We have a freedom to worship and we can come in and praise God together as students. We had some teachers and administrators come in today. And that was so awesome. Our principal was here. We had several teachers," said Jessica Curry, an MHS student who organized the event. "And we just all got together and we prayed. We worshiped God and invited Him to come be a part of our school day."

The theme this year was ''consumed''. It was taken from First Kings, Chapter 18, where the children of Israel totally surrendered to God.