Movin' On Up

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"It's unbelieveable," said Witherspoon Elementary School teacher, Kristina Reynolds. "It's a feeling like any job when you have a big success, a promotion or whatever. It's wonderful. It's just indescribable."

Indescribable because Witherspoon went from a struggling Level 1 school to an acceptable Level 3, in just one year.

"When we saw that we were at a Level 3, we were ecstatic," said principal Brenda Edwards. "We knew we were working hard and that the kids were working hard. But to see a Level 3 it wasn't even in our wildest dreams."

"In my classroom, I stayed after school helping kids and always stressed the benchmarks," said teacher, Angela McQuarley.

Edwards said federal grants allowed teachers to tutor students during and after school hours.

If a child had problems in reading, he or she would be taken to another class and emphasis would be placed on that subject. The same with math, science and any other subject. The process took a lot of time, but to Witherspoon the effort was well worth it.

Crestwood Elementary and West End Elementary Schools also raised their performance from Level 1 to Level 3 in just the past year.