Dress Code Concerns

Sharon Seals and Larhonda Townsend are expressing concerns about the newly established dress code for the Newton Municipal School District.

"They didn't give enough notice," says Seals who has two children in the district.

In July parents were notified about the new dress code which requires students to wear khaki pants, skirts or shorts with golf style solid colored shirts that are either black, royal blue or white. Although she says she is ok with the dress code overall, Townsend says students being notified about the jacket and coat restrictions just this week was not fair.

"Like Tuesday when it was cold and a lot of kids like one of my sister's friend, the teacher told her to take her jacket off. You know they didn't tell us the coats had to be certain color when they sent the letter home. They just came up with it this week and I feel that's not right because everyone can't go out and buy a new coat or jacket when you have three or four in the closet," says concerned parent, Larhonda Townsend.

School officials say following this week's cooler temperatures they notified parents that students should wear coats and jackets that comply with the other dress code colors. However, they say if they must, students can wear other jackets or coats on the bus or in between classes but must pull them off in class.

Meanwhile, school officials say assistance is available for any parent that needs it.

"We have had a grant set up that we've bought uniforms for kids that needed them. A lot of people have donated and said here is $5 or $10. If any parent has concern they can come talk to us or there's a place for parent input at the board meeting. We are hearing predominately from parents saying thank you, thank you, thank you," Superintendent Mina Bryant.

The next board meeting will be held October 13th at 5:30.