Remembering POWs-MIAs

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A table was formally set to pay tribute to the many men and women who have served this country and have ended up prisoners of war or missing in action.

They were all remembered during an annual ceremony for National POW-MIA Recognition Day Friday at NAS Meridian.

"I think it is always important to remember those that went before us," said Navy Capt. Dan Ouimette. "To realize that if I become a fallen man, that they would remember me."

The featured speaker was retired Navy Commander Ralph E. Gaither, who himself was a POW in Vietnam for seven years and four months.

"It's the ultimate sacrifice to give your life," said Gaither. "The men in Iraq are laying their lives on the line, so that the word freedom can endure. It's important that we look back and do that."

To do just that, and honor those men and women, loved ones, friends, and comrades gathered together, while bagpipes played and prayers were spoken, for the missing and imprisoned fighters for freedom.