Turner: No Positive I.D. Yet

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Police and state authorities were back at remote area along the Pearl River Friday, searching for more remains of what they believe to be missing Philadelphia resident, Mandy Davis.

Parts of a female body were discovered Thursday in a duffle bag at the scene.

"And I want to stress again that we don't have a positive I.D. yet. It's my understanding that yesterday was the first time that that specific area had been searched," said district attorney, Ken Turner, referring to the search area where the remains were found.

Davis, a 23 year old substitute teacher, was last seen on Sept. 10 when she took her car to Savell's Body Shop. Although there has yet to be a positive identification made on the body, Dewayne Savell, an auto mechanic, has been taken into custody and charged with murder, following a police standoff that ended Thursday night at his Hopewell Community home.

"We've still been out in the field this morning and I've not been able to talk with the police officers who were there at that scene," Turner said. "I was not there yesterday and I would have to be briefed by them to find out exactly what happened with that, to know if there would be any felony charges from that."

Originally, Dewayne Savell told police that Mandy was picked up after she dropped her car off. The only thing known to be true is that her white Chevrolet was found by police, later impounded, and a remote body shop on Road 553 was the last place that Mandy Davis was seen alive.

Savell is being held at the Neshoba County Jail, pending a positive identification on the body, which is not expected until Monday.

Meanwhile, the investigation will continue as a family and community brace for the worst.