"Sonny's Friends" Launched

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Sonny Montgomery's personal memoirs were published recently, but many stories about his service, patriotism and acts of goodwill were not able to be included.

Bill Crawford, president of The Montgomery Institute, has created a membership organization known as "Sonny's Friends" with a goal of documenting the untold history of the man.

"What we want to do is get all of Sonny's friends, the thousands upon thousands of them out there, to send us stories about Sonny and his career," said Crawford. "We want to put those together into something that will share with all his friends, but help us capture his heritage, his spirit and the legacy that he leaves us."

The institute may possibly use this material as the basis for another book. Friend and admirer Billy Campbell will work on the project.

"We're looking for those personal stories that people have of experiences with Sonny over the years," Campbell said, "where he might have helped them out with something."

Campbell has his own memories of the former congressman, including attending Montgomery's retirement party in Washington. He did not seek re-election after thirty years in office.

"My favorite Sonny Montgomery story is Sonny's last election. We were all sitting around and the results were coming in and Sonny was so upset and I couldn't figure it out. He'd won by a landslide, but he only got 72 percent of the vote. He was more worried about the 28 percent of the people that didn't like him and that didn't vote for him than he was that he got 72 percent of the vote," said Campbell.

If you have a favorite Sonny Montgomery story, call Billy Campbell at the Montgomery Institute, (601) 483-2661.