WTOK Celebration Part II

Known as the second oldest TV station in Mississippi, WTOK has thrived, thanks to you our viewers. Even with increased competition, over the years the station has exceeded what even the original investors thought.

"The other stations coming in here, that didn't bother us. The real question we had was should cable come to town. We were scared to death of what cable would do to us and it has worked great!" says Al Rosenbaum, one of the 11 original investors for WTOK.

Fifty years and counting and the WTOK family has grown from 10 employees and three departments in 1953 to almost 60 employees and seven departments.

Of those 60 employees, national sales coordinator Edna LaShane has been here the longest, 35 years.

"The biggest change is technology. Everything was done manually when I first came to work here. At first it was hard to change but I've gotten use to it."

"You've got to go with the flow," says veteran WTOK engineer Joe Blanks. "You've got to do what they tell you!"

Next to Edna, Joe ranks second in tenure. He's been here 30 years.

".... And I plan to be here until I die! I don't plan to go anywhere else!"

While faces behind the scenes might often stay the same, because of the business those in front of the camera often do not. However, over the years you have continued to support us all and for that we say, from our family to yours, THANKS!