Vets Honored at NCF

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The Neshoba County Fair may be about fun, but the local men and women who have fought for this nation are not forgotten during the festivities.

Ninety-nine local servicemen paid the ultimate sacrifice in defense of their nation. Their fellow servicemen and community came out to salute them.

"This means everything to me," said World War II veteran Jeffie Jackson.

"We have our freedom because of these men," said Cong. Chip Pickering, who was in attendance.

Since Sept. 11, there's been more recognition for veterans. The crowd for the ceremony was about normal, but veterans know there is more patriotism.

"There are flags on people's homes, people know and I care about the freedom we have," said Otha Jackson, also a veteran of WW II.

Mississippi's list of veterans is increasing. The War on Terrorism has put many of the state's actives and reserves into combat duty.