Lockheed Survivor Goes Home

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Charles Scott finally got to go home Friday, after spending two and a half months in the hospital. "I know I'm blessed," he said.

Scott was one of the people injured when Lockheed employee Doug Williams went on a shooting rampage at work, killing five people before turning the gun on himself. A sixth victim died a week later.

"I had a hole in my upper thigh about the size of a softball, they said, and one to the inside of my thigh about the size of a golf ball," said Scott. "So I had a lot of muscle, tissues that were torn out, shot out rather."

"It was a shock to everyone, so I'm sure that it will be something that will not be easily forgotten," Scott said.

After the shooting, Scott was taken to Rush, the hospital that just happens to be where his wife Glenda is employed.

"I'm glad that happened that way with the commotion we did have. It helped me out a whole lot by being in the same hospital," said Scott.

"That was a blessing there, for me and for the family and for him, too, I know," said Glenda Scott.

Scott's mother also played an important role in his recovery efforts.

"I call her my coach, to see that I did right while I was here," said Scott. "So I really love her and I want her to know that."

Although Scott is ready to get back home and back to his church where he's a deacon. He said he isn't sure when or if he will return to Lockheed.

"I'm going to take it one day at a time. I'm not going to try to do anything that I might have a setback. I'm just going to take it one day at a time and see what happens," Scott said.

The last Lockheed survivor to be released from the hospital, Scott thanked family, friends and the community for their thoughts and prayers.