T45 Reaches Half Million Mark

The T45 Goshawk has been part of the Navy since 1981, but pilots began training in an upgraded version at Meridian Naval Air Station in 1997.

Reaching 500,000 flight hours by pilots at NAS Meridian, and Kingsville, Texas, is a milestone in that over 2,000 aviators have been trained for the Navy, Marines, and U.S. allies.

"If you average about 250 miles an hour that the jet generally flies at, that ends up being about 125 million miles the aircraft has flown," said Capt. Dan Ouimette, commodore of Training Wing 1 at NAS Meridian. "And if you think about it, that's about 250 round trips to the moon, pretty good for student pilots."

Representatives of Boeing, which manufactures the aircraft, were on hand to recognize the achievement.

NAS Meridian marked the 100,000 hour mark in the updated model in March.