Two Vie for Superintendent Post

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Joey Knight is principal of Southeast Lauderdale Elementary School. David Little, the current superintendent, was a science teacher at Southeast High when he was first elected eight years ago.

"The number one priority is to have safe schools, where kids can come, feel safe from bullying or anything like that," said Little. "Our second priority is student achievement. And that's the order we have put them in."

Joey Knight has experience on his side, too. He has been in the Lauderdale County system for 25 years.

"One priority is to unify our school district," Knight said. "We are a really large school district, over 6,600 kids. We have nine campuses, four different schools. We need to unify ourselves. We need to pull together as a team."

In school achievement, Lauderdale County has done well. Four of its schools received exemplary scores in recent test results. Three were named successful and one even received a five, the highest score possible.

But both candidates claim more must be done.

"We have to do better in Lauderdale County of educating our teachers and principals. Know how to take this data and bring it back to our schools and help teachers in the classroom get across the subject matter that will guarantee that students are successful on the these tests," said Knight.

"What we have had to do is make sure our instruction is aligned with the curriculum, and that the curriculum is aligned with the state framework. As a result, different things are together and our students are doing better and our test scores are better," said Little.

School safety, school achievement and school unity are going to be issues regardless of who gets the job.

Voters will choose the superintendent to lead the district for the next four years on Nov. 4.