Tax Collection Dilemma

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Taxes on mobile homes are supposed to be paid in advance, but Lauderdale County tax collector Stanley Shannon told supervisors that in 2003, not everyone has done so.

"We still are going after these people. We'll continue after the first of the year if they haven't paid them," Shannon said. "We'll either put liens on them. We'll sue some in justice court. We can, as a last resort, even sell the trailer, something you don't want to have to do but we can do that also."

The county may also turn to the lenders who financed the mobile homes and make it their problem, Shannon said.

"We've gotten thousands of dollars in that way," said Shannon.

As for personal property taxes, there's good news and bad news, according to the tax collector.

"We've collected over $14 million and there's $307,000 still not paid. And $74,000 of that not paid is K Mart, which is bankrupt and you can't get it when they go bankrupt. You might down the road but there's no way to collect it," Shannon said.

Shannon pointed out there are also small businesses that have shut down and those taxes are likely un-collectable as well.