Job Search Dilemma

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Nissan is struggling to find enough qualified employees for its new manufacturing plant in Canton, Miss.

In a state that has lost thousands of manufacturing jobs over the last three years, the question 'Is there a quality workforce here?' is a valid one.

Nissan is having a hard time filling nearly a third of the 180 skilled industrial maintenance positions needed at the plant.

Will any lack in this area, perceived or real, affect future efforts to attract major companies into the state?

Wade Jones, president of the East Mississippi Business Development Corporation, said the magnitude of supplying four to five thousand jobs to one company, like Nissan, would be difficult for many parts of the country.

A joint project between Mississippi and Alabama that will draw upon the resources of both states, a prospective site for development in Kewanee, has been mentioned as the site for an automotive or some other major plant in the future.

Jones said he believes east Mississippi and west Alabama could handle a plant of up to 2,000 workers.

But apparently some jobs in high tech operations will be hard to fill almost anywhere.