Another Bush for Barbour

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Four weeks out from the Nov. 4 election, gubernatorial candidate Haley Barbour is moving fast on the campaign trail. A Wednesday stop at Jones County Community College in Ellisville, seemed an appropriate setting for Barbour's platform.

"You know education is the number one economic development issue in our state and it's the number one quality of life issue," Barbour said.

Along on the trip was his a secret weapon, Florida Gov. Jeb Bush.

"Imagine what it would be like with Haley Barbour leading the way," said Gov. Bush. "To not have the excuse mentality we have today in public education. To have expectations and challenge and provide support for the dedicated teachers and parents."

This Bush's visit comes just a month after his republican brother, President George Bush, campaigned in Jackson on Barbour's behalf.

Having been criticized by some, including incumbent Gov. Ronnie Musgrove, for his Washington ties, Barbour has been using them as advantage.

"We have never had a governor who has had a long-standing relationship with a standing president. Never in the history of Mississippi," Barbour said.

That future will be determined on Nov. 4 when Barbour faces Musgrove, and several other candidates, in the general election.