Jeb Bush Backs Pickering

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Florida's governor and the president's brother, Jeb Bush, spoke out Wednesday about the embattled nomination of Judge Charles Pickering.

Bush was attending a campaign event for Haley Barbour in Jones County.

"It's so unfair the way judicial candidates are treated," said Gov. Bush, "people of incredible integrity, for purely political purposes. And Mrs. Pickering, your husband doesn't deserve the treatment he's getting. He deserves an up or down vote and let the people decide."

Judge Pickering's wife, Margaret Ann, was a guest speaker at the event. She used the moment to thank the bush family.

"I want to take a moment of personal privilege and thank your father and thank your brother for nominating my husband to the federal bench," said Mrs. Pickering.

This is the second time Judge Charles Pickering has been nominated for the seat. Senate democrats blocked the nomination once before and are threatening to do it again.