Church Burglary

Investigators say the burglary happened sometime within the past seven days at Siloam Baptist Church just outside Cuba. The stolen items included: a keyboard, television, DVD, mirrors and pictures,
were discovered missing Thursday night by the church janitor.

According to investigators, all of the stolen items were taken from the back of the church and could have been taken even during service. Although a number of things were taken, investigators say one piece in particular was very bizarre, a picture of Jesus.

"It's a picture of Jesus leading little children across the water, I think," said Sheriff Johnny Hatter.

So far, Sheriff Hatter says no signs of forced entry have been found and therefore exactly why someone would do this remains still somewhat unclear.

Meanwhile, in case the person or persons responsible tries to sell the items, Sheriff Hatter is asking the public to be on the lookout.

"Usually in burglaries people try to sell the items they get for little to nothing," Hatter said.

Sheriff Hatter reminds that anyone found guilty of purchasing stolen property could face fines or even jail time. Anyone with information on the case is asked to call the Sumter County Sheriff's Department at (205) 652-7984.