Flu Season Makes Early Debut

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The Centers for Disease Control has bad news for winter flu season. It broke out early and strong this year.

CDC chief Dr. Julie Gerberding says influenza is sweeping across several states. Flu season usually doesn't peak until December, January or February.

Making matters worse, this year's flu vaccine does not exactly match the strain of flu doctors are seeing in their patients.

Gerberding says the strain is very close to the vaccine, so people should still be protected, but its cause for worry.

About 36,000 Americans die of the flu each year, although recent years have been relatively mild. The vaccine is recommended for children under two, adults over 55, and people with long-term illnesses and those who work in hospitals.

Gerberding says the early outbreaks do not necessarily mean that this year's flu season will be a bad one. But federal health officials are pleading with people to get a vaccine now.