50th Anniversary of Freedom Summer Remembered by Many

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Neshoba County, Miss. The civil rights movement will forever hold a place in the history of overcoming burdens and challenges. This movement led to one of the most important events in Mississippi history that occurred in Neshoba County. To commemorate the struggles, the journey, and the success over the past 50 years, numerous supporters gathered on the lawn of the Neshoba County Courthouse, to remember the lives of those who paved the way for millions.

"This 50th anniversary year is important in terms of reminding people that the civil rights movement did not end in the 1960s and we are still fighting this fight," said Portland, Oregon, resident Joyce Harris.

A fight that has allowed so many across the country to feel a sense of change in the atmosphere, especially among how others are treated.

"We've seen a change among the friendship, especially among the younger people between black and whites, said Philadelphia resident Emma Myers. "The kind of things you just wouldn't see then. I still think there's a suttle form of prejudice."

Many in the area understand that the past 50 years can be considered a victory in how our mentality has changed, but some still feel that there are still a lot of barriers to break.

"You always have some people who have the what I would call slave mentality or that they shouldn't be where they are or enjoying the same freedoms we are enjoying," said Pastor M.C. Thompson Jr. of Mount Nebo Missionary Baptist Church. "I think it's mainly with the people and I think a lot of it ignorance to be honest because once people get to know each other, then they really see there is no basic difference. As far as I'm concerned there's only one race which is the human race."

The foundation for civil rights was laid in the 1960s and many believe we still have a long way to go.

"I know that I stand on the shoulders of the people in the South who gave their lives, who fight that fight and who continue to fight the fight," said Harris.