Lockheed Investigation Update

After reviewing evidence from the case Friday, a Lauderdale County grand jury recommended the criminal investigation into the July 8
shooting rampage at Lockheed Martin be closed.

District Attorney Bilbo Mitchell said the purpose for the investigation was to insure that the gunman Doug Williams, 48, acted alone.

"We feel 100% that he acted alone and that he acted because of anger he had against the Lockheed Company where he thought he was being treated badly," said Mitchell.

Two large binders contain all of the information gathered across the four month long investigation. Inside the booklets are witness accounts, pictures of Williams' path through the plant and exactly what investigators found when they first arrived on the scene.

With assistance from state investigators and the FBI, Lauderdale County Sheriff Billy Sollie said his department conducted the most comprehensive investigation possible, despite a lack of cooperation from some.

"We had interviews lined up or attempted to line up interviews with individuals that may or may not have known any information that could help with the investigationm and for whatever reason, they chose not to give us any information," said Sollie.

Although the criminal investigation is now officially closed, with the possibility of lawsuits looming, Sheriff Sollie said the case as a whole is still far from over.

"We know it's not over. We know that member of our department will be in a courtroom somewhere for the next decade. So, it's not over," the sheriff said.

In coming days, the sheriff's department, along with Lockheed officials and other investigators, are expected to hold a news conference to address the issue.