Part of History Coming Down

Workers have been clearing the Mey Webb Hosiery building in Meridian since April. Equipment has been removed and will be sold to another mill.

The demolition of the building, which is about 70 years old, will continue into February. It's actually more like a recycling project. Even the bricks are being salvaged.

"A lot of people, when they build new houses, they like to use old bricks," said project supervisor Odie Barrett.

Mey Webb touched a lot of lives. Many people in this part of Meridian's Tuxedo community worked there and retired when it closed. The mill had a huge impact when it was in operation. Many former employees still live in this neighborhood.

"It was a real good place to work. It was like a family, a big family there," said Bob Coblentz, a former Mey Webb supervisor. "We still have reunions every year, of employees there. It's the first Saturday in June that the employees get together every year, and recall happy moments and sad moments."

Coblentz said Mey Webb produced 120,000 socks a day at its height, for customers like J.C. Penney and K-Mart.

In the near future, items and materials salvaged from the mill will be sold. Those include antique brick, pine beams, red and white oak, metal roof trusses and electrical items.

Some former employees and relatives of former workers have come by to watch the demolition process or look for a souvenir of their own past.