A Soldier's Welcome

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"It's one of those feelings that when the plane lands you actually want to kiss the ground," said Staff Sgt. Jimmy Trotter. "You would be embarrassed, but you would actually want to do it. I mean, that is actually the way you feel."

Trotter arrived back home at the Meridian Regional Airport Friday afternoon, for a two week leave, the U.S. Army's "Rest and Relaxation" program. He has been serving in Tikrit, Iraq, with the 187th Transportation Unit based out of Livingston, Ala.

"We're getting attacked. They are attacking American soldiers pretty regularly. I was actually in an ambush last Thursday. That was very unusual. But the American soldiers are ready," said Trotter.

"I've been real scared," said his wife, Mary Trotter. "I've been doing a lot of praying to the Lord to watch over him. I know he is going take care of him."

Even the mailman came by to welcome Trotter home. He's been in Iraq for nearly 10 months and for this Thanksgiving he got a very special gift, his family and four children.

But Trotter will also get to enjoy a new leather recliner and a big screen T.V. that were waiting for him when he arrived.

Asked about returning to his post, Trotter said it will be hard.

"Hopefully I will only have six months left after I get back. But like I said, this two weeks with my family will make going back easier," Trotter said.