Miracle Baby Goes Home

At 5 lbs. 2 oz., Jhoylin Lewis is just now reaching what would have been considered a normal birth weight. She arrived Aug. 8, 2003, weighing only 1.07 lbs.

Her mother, Alisa, was having an uneventful pregnancy when her water broke. Jhoylin arrived two days later, three and a half months early.

"Only 2% of babies born at this weight actually survive," said neonatalogist, Dr. Dennis Hey. "Someone up there was looking after this baby."

In addition to divine intervention, Dr. Hey attributes Jhoylin's progress to excellent nursing care and her mother's breast milk.

Alisa Lewis was able to go home three days after the birth but has been back twice daily since then. She was not sure until now that she could take her baby home.

The whole family had nothing but praise for the care Jhoylin received.

"There was a lot of prayer," said Gwendolyn Hardaway, Jhoylin's aunt, "But people need to know that Anderson's has an intensive care unit for babies."

The nurses found it hard to let go of Jhoylin, who has also been their little girl. But mom Alisa, dad Lamont and big sister, Jazzlin, truly celebrated Thanksgiving early, by taking home a tiny bundle of joy.