Counting on Teamwork

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Dr. Sam Thompson, pastor of the 31st Avenue Missionary Baptist Church in Meridian will serve as a member of Barbour's education committee.

"My background has been school safety and that was one of the items in which they wanted to have someone to basically advise and that's one of the areas in which I will be giving information as it relates to what we think about school safety across the state," said Thompson.

Thompson, who has headed Meridian's school safety program, attended the first transition committee meeting Tuesday in Jackson.

"There were people there from all over the state of Mississippi who had been selected," Thompson said. "They were bipartisan, biracial. As a matter of fact, he indicated there were people there who he knew did not vote for him. He indicated it was not about that. It was about giving Mississippi the best that he could give them."

Thompson said Barbour outlined the tasks his transition teams have been given.

"He met with the entire group. He came in, talked about his visions. These were things that he campaigned on. He especially indicated to us that it was about working for the people, not necessarily what he wanted but these were things that were indicated to him across the campaign year. These were the issues that he wants to deal with. He wants to deal with the issues that are concerns of the people," said Thompson.

Thompson said it was made plain the key to the committee's success is the quality of education in the state and it did not matter to Barbour whether the people involved were Republicans or Democrats.