Tax Hike Debated

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Lauderdale County District 83 Rep. Greg Snowden told a Council of Governments meeting Monday he believes Billy McCoy, who is expected to be elected Speaker of the House in January, will not support a tax increase.

"I can tell you now, Billy McCoy in a room, this has been a month ago now, but in a room of probably 20, 30 members, just flat out said you know we're not going to increase taxes," said Snowden. "Now perhaps it's significant that he had spent most of that day with Governor-elect Barbour. They had gotten their heads together."

McCoy will be in Meridian Tuesday to speak to members of the East Mississippi Business Development Center.

"It's not going to happen. Barbour would veto it, first of all. The House would sustain and I'm sure the Senate would. So that being the case, we're not going to do that. We're going to get together beforehand and look and see where savings can be made," Snowden said.

At the same meeting, Board of Supervisors president Craig Hitt said another step has been taken in developing the new industrial park.

"We are in the process of deeding nine tenths of an acre or just less than an acre to the city for the water tank and we're very much looking forward to the getting that system under contract so that we have the water and sewer there to the industrial park and look forward to the possibilities of that new park in the future," Hitt said.

Barbara Henson, president of the Meridian City Council, had news of her own. She said city officials will soon examine city council members' list of streets most in need of repair in order to come up with cost estimates.

"They'll come back to us with the price tag and their recommendations," said Henson. "And hopefully we'll put it in the next meeting agenda. But I'm optimistic."

The city council recently passed a $6 million bond issue to fund the street repair project.