Neshoba Shooting

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With just over 20 days left in office, Neshoba County Sheriff Glen Waddell had a close call Tuesday. It was a routine day and he was responding to a 911 call.

Neighbors alleged that Jessie Culberson, 65, had been firing a gun at residents. When deputies arrived on the scene, Culberson shot at them. Deputy Brad Stewart was struck in the nose and Sheriff Waddell in the hand.

"Residents were saying he was taking pop-shots at them," said Waddell. "When I arrived up there and took cover, he started shooting at me and grazed my thumb. He took the first shot and we did what we had to do."

Authorities say this is not the first time Culberson had caused trouble in the Stallo community, just northeast of Philadelphia.

"Last summer we had an incident where a deputy and myself were injured by this same person," explained Sheriff Waddell. At the time, it was reported that Culberson used a baseball bat.

Culberson was then booked on charges of aggravated assault on an officer. He was later released on a medical bond by Waddell, providing that he sought psychiatric help. Unfortunately, there was no second chance this time. Jessie Culberson died in the shootout.

"This has been the worst year for me. I mean I have had tough situations but nothing like this, with people dying," Waddell said.

In fact, it was the first time Sheriff Waddell has even been hit by a bullet. Luckily, both Waddell and Stewart were back on the job Wednesday.