Hartzog on Trial

Wednesday marked day three in court for Theda Hartzog, 47, who is charged with the Aug. 9, 2002, murder of her husband, the Rev. Mark Hartzog.

Rev. Hartzog was reportedly shot at close range in his office at Stafford Full Gospel Church in the Pleasant Hill Community.

According to investigators, the pastor had reportedly been mowing grass at the church and was discovered by his wife around 11:00 p.m. He had been shot multiple times.

Throughout the morning hours of the trial Wednesday, the 12 member jury was excused as attorneys for both sides and onlookers listened to a tape that was recorded when investigators first questioned Mrs. Hartzog, just hours after the shooting.

While reviewing the tape attorneys for the defendant expressed concerns about how the investigators interpreted Hartzog's statements.

It's possible the case could take all week. If found guilty, Hartzog could face a penalty of up to life in prison.