Supervisors Haggle Over Costs

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The latest work session of the Lauderdale County Board of Supervisors started with a request by Agricenter director Rob Seal to attend the League of Agricultural and Equine Centers Convention in Miami, Florida. District 5 supervisor Ray Boswell said he's opposed.

"We don't have the money to make some of these trips. Everybody wants to go to Miami, Milwaukee, Chicago, Washington, New York and all this crap," said Boswell. "I just don't think we need to make all these blamed trips."

That brought a response from District 4 supervisor Joe Norwood.

"I think some of these trips are important. I mean, they're not having any workshops or seminars around here to teach him anything about running the Agricenter," Norwood said.

Later, Boswell asked who was getting the rent from the telephone tower located on the corner of the new industrial park.

"We agreed that that property would not be owned by Ronnie Massey and I think Ronnie Massey has gotten enough out of that property out there," Boswell said.

"You and I were on the negotiating team and anything that was done you and I brought it to the board," District 2 supervisor Jimmie Smith said to Boswell.

Then county administrator Rex Hiatt told the board it would be asked to amend the budget at Monday's meeting to provide $6,500 for updating the computers of several supervisors. Another argument followed.

"I'll tell you this. I don't think the board needs any computers up here on the 11th floor," said Boswell. "In fact, it would suit me fine if we didn't even have an office up here. I don't need an office up here, to tell you the truth."

Norwood said his computer doesn't work and he needs one to help him do his job.

On the supervisors agenda for its next meeting will be a motion to increase the board's financial commitment to the Opera House Project. Boswell announced Thursday that he's against it.