Lockheed Families Receive $100,000

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Employees at each Lockheed Martin plant donated money to a fund called the "Meridian Victim's Family Fund" from which each of the six victims’ families received $100,000.

"They were and have been our immediate priority," said Sam Grizzle a spokesman for Lockheed Martin.

On July 8, Doug Williams shot and killed six of his co-workers and injured nine others before he took his own life. On Friday of last week, Lauderdale County Sheriff Billy Sollie revealed that two law firms had requested copies of the criminal investigation into the shootings.

Grizzle acknowledged that by accepting this money from the company it did not prohibit the families from taking legal action against Lockheed Martin.

On November 21st, a Lauderdale County grand jury closed the criminal investigation into the shootings and determined that Doug Williams acted alone on that day.