Job Outlook

"Actually, the news is very good!"

Karon Leach with the staffing agency Manpower is referring to local employment projections for the first quarter of next year.

(January - March 2004)
Lauderdale Co.

27% of the companies surveyed plan to hire.

17% of the companies surveyed intend to cutback on staff.

56% of the companies surveyed expect to maintain staff levels.

According to the survey, if you're looking for a job locally your best prospects will be in construction or with the manufacturing of goods and services. As for local retailers, history is expected to repeat itself because after the holidays they are expected to reduce staff. Finally, Manpower officials say hiring for all other sectors is expected to remain the same.

Despite the good news of some companies looking to hire, Manpower officials offer this advice.

"If you're in a job now and you've got a job, I would say stay put!"