Council Gets Update

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Representatives from Dale and Associates, the Jackson firm building the parking garage in downtown Meridian, assured the city council the project is on schedule.

The garage will be topped out with its sixth floor in late February and should be completed in August 2004.

"You could tell us how to get other projects moving as fast as you move on that one, because you guys, good weather, bad weather, dark and I noticed the other night you had lights out there working after dark," said Ward 1 councilman Dr. George Thomas. "I don't know who's in charge of the construction aspect but someone's hustling."

The city received a gift from W.L. Landrum, representing the Queen City Timekeepers, a street clock to be installed at Dumont Plaza.

"I believe it will enhance the beauty of Dumont Plaza and also enhance the other work that's going on in the downtown area. The clock will be a two side fixture. It stands 10 feet one inch tall, excluding the masonry base it is mounted on so it will be a prominent fixture," Landrum said.

Comcast recently notified its customers of an upcoming rate increase. Mayor Smith introduced Scott Randall, the general manager of Comcast's Southern Mississippi Division to, the mayor said, explain the increase, what it meant and what improvements will made to the service.

Randall spoke but failed to answer any of those questions. "As far as the rate increase goes, our preferred basic service is going from $39.95 to $43.25 and the good news is that the limited basic service is going down, actually going down from $5.92 to $5.40," Randall said.