Duty Calls

National Guardsmen and Reservists from west Alabama are heading back to duty in the Middle East. They and others got to come home for a little rest and relaxation around Thanksgiving.

Some told Newscenter 11 they don't want to go, but are still determined to complete the job.

"I hate I have to go back, but it's an obligation I decided to take on by signing a contract, just doing service for my country," said Spec. Willie Mosley of the 287th Transportation Unit.

"I'd rather not go, but you know, I have to go defend my country," said Spec. Shelia Jenkins, who was originally stationed at Fort Lewis, Washington, before her deployment to Mosul, Iraq. "My granddaddy was in the military, so I thought that I should go in the military also."

Jenkins said her family supported her decision.

While the danger remains for U.S. troops in a volatile part of the world, at least one soldier says conditions are improving.

"We basically have control over there," said PFC Robert Pringle. "So it's all good. I love serving my country."

"I'm doing this to keep the military tradition alive in my family," added Mosley. "To me, it's good to serve my country proudly. It's good to be an American."