Lott Targets Energy, Highways

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U.S. Sen. Trent Lott says his agenda for Congress next year includes passing an energy bill and highway legislation that includes funding for Mississippi.

Lott spoke Thursday to members of the Biloxi Chamber of Commerce. He opened his speech with a joke, saying he's sorry he didn't bring as much media coverage this year as he did last year when his Strom Thurmond blunder cost him his leadership position.

Lott said he has "a new sense of freedom'' now that he's not serving as Senate majority or minority leader.

Lott told chamber members he has not decided whether he will seek re-election in 2006, but he still enjoys the job.

Lott said the country needs a balanced energy policy or he foresees a crisis in five years and Mississippi needs more federal funding for highways. Lott also praised the U.S. military for the job it's doing in Iraq and Afghanistan, and voiced his pleasure at Saddam Hussein's capture.