Dalewood Sewer Under Construction

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It has taken 26 years to get from talking about the sewage problem at Dalewood to doing something about it. Guy Howard, chairman of the Dalewood Sewer District, explained what's on the schedule.

"We have actually one year for the completion of it but both contractors indicate they will do it in less than a year's time," said Howard.

When the system is up and running, every Dalewood resident will be required to hook up to it.

"We have over 450 signed up and we have about 700 that will ultimately be on it," said Howard. "The environmental rules and laws require that everybody sign up and get on the sewer system and abandon their old septic tanks. Which means they have to have them pumped out. They have the bottom broken so they won't hold water and then filled with sand."

The sheets of steel out of which the tank will be constructed were unloaded today. Mitch King, who is helping to plan the site, says the tank will hold 350,000 gallons of treatable sewage.

"The aeration tank itself is going to treat the sewage that's coming from the Dalewood Community," said King. "It will be taken into two lagoons we'll have on site also and that will be discharged into the creek that's behind me here. And that will have to go through many processes and also be tested by DEQ on a weekly and monthly basis."

King explained how the sewage will get to the treatment center.

"Each individual homeowner has their own pumping station unit and that will be placed either by their home or on the right-of-way," said King. "That will be chosen by them. As far as doing a mass system like this it's really the only way to go."