Mash Bash 2003

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United Blood Services is looking to the Meridian and Lauderdale County community for support in a quest to set a statewide record at this year's Mash Bash blood drive.

They hope to collect 300 units of blood in a single day. "Last year we collected 223 units, so the 300 units really is a doable number." said Susan Morris of the UBS.

Blood supplies are at a critically low point at UBS. They say they are operating at less than a day’s supply which is cause for major concern.

"We are not today in a position to respond to any kind of emergency need if it arose, whether it was a shooting or a car accident or something that was maybe terrorist related," said Morris.

Blood donations have been so low lately, blood has had to be imported from outside the state.

The success of this year's Mash Bash blood drive will help U-B-S to begin the year on a positive note and possible make history in the process, but more importantly, it will help save lives.

The 7th Annual Mash Bash Blood Drive will be held at the Temple Theater, Tuesday, December 30th from noon until 7:00pm.