Two Deadly Fires in One Week

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It has been a busy week for the Meridian Fire Department, after working two fatal fires in just under a week.

The first one occurred last Sunday on 39th Avenue, leaving 57 year old Lamar Edwards dead from smoke inhalation. Then yesterday another fire around 4pm on 9th Avenue that left 89 year old Fanny Clayton dead in her residence.

Both fires are still under investigation. "Fanny Clayton was found in the structure and was dead at the time fire fighters arrived, we are waiting for preliminary results." said Meridian Fire Chief Tim Miller.

The fire department says that often little mistakes lead to deadly fires. "The most common problems are over loading electrical outlets, space heaters and making sure smoke detectors are working," said Miller.

The Meridian Fire Department cannot stress enough the importance of smoke detectors and they give them out for free for those that qualify. For more information call 485-1824.