Crime on the Rise

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Over the past year, both Meridian and Lauderdale County have seen an increase in the number of homicides within their jurisdiction. Many of them have been labeled as crimes of passion including July's Lockheed Martin Shooting that left seven people dead and most recently the three domestic shootings that have occurred this month.

The numbers go like this, in 2002 Meridian had two homicides and this year the number quadrupled to nine. Lauderdale County had three homicides last year and six this year.

"With homicides that occurred that are crimes of passion or family members there is not much law enforcement can do about that, I don't think that one incident is indicative of the whole county," said Ward Calhoun of the Lauderdale County Sheriff's office.

Another crime that continues to fluctuate is the number of robberies and burglaries over the past year in places like Quitman. Back here in Meridian, the number of robberies has slightly increased from 351 last year to 353 this year. Lauderdale County this year had 250 robberies versus 251 last year.

"Our burglaries based on numbers currently are about the same when you look at the amount of new homes in the county. It is going to be about the same," says Calhoun.

Another indicator of crime is the economy, as the economy continues to fluctuate, so do the number of crimes. Some things you can do to be safe include keeping lights on when you are away, making sure you have a deadbolt lock on your doors and a working alarm system.