Blood Transfusion Update

Last February the generous donations of the public saved the life of a new mother who needed 120 pints of blood. We recently caught up with her with an update. Here's what she had to say:

"I gave birth through a C-section and teh last thing I remeber is them saying they had to go fix a few things and tehn they wheeled me out and told me that I would be fine. I woke up in the intensive care unit several days later adn I had been through an enormous amount of blood and plasma. I could not have had the things I had without the communityh coming together like they did. When I drive my through town and see a thousand people and who knows how many of them came down and gave me blood. When I wake up and see my now 10-month old son Jas and he gives me that little smile in the morning I say, 'Who would be seeing that if it wasn't for EVERYBODY!' Who would be see it? It means so much! I can't describe to you how much it means to me!" says Jamie Vaughan.