Legislature Gears Up for Session

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"Hopefully we can get some great things done for the people of this state," said State Senator Terry Burton about the upcoming legislative session.

Burton is starting his fourth term representing District 31 and is anticipating a busy one hundred days.

"I think we're going to have a very busy year, the main issues this year will deal around the budget," says Burton.

Burton also said during this legislative session that lawmakers will be faced with the challenge of setting priorities and funding necessary programs, without cutting service to the public service to the public or raising taxes.

"There will be calls for tax increases to offset budget crunch problems, I think well fend off any idea of tax increases." Senator Burton also says he expects that East Central Mississippi will benefit from the election of Haley Barbour as Governor and the re-election of Lt. Governor Amy Tuck.

"I fully expect Gov. Barbour, Lt. Gov. Tuck to make sure that East Central Mississippi is not on the back burner anymore. I really thin they are committed to making sure that this part of the state is not only taken seriously but gets our fair share of activities, programs and so forth," said Burton.

The 125-day legislative session runs from Jan. 6 through May 9.