New Animal Laws

The crackdown affects Lauderdale County residents who own pets that have been declared vicious and those who own wolves or wolf-hybrid dogs.

Animal control officials say the new clauses basically add more teeth the county ordinances already in place. For example, if a dog that has previously been declared vicious gets loose and starts threatening the safety of others and the owner is not around.

Dewayne Sosebee is the director of the Lauderdale County Animal Control agency. He says the new classes also require residents who won wolves or wolf-hybrids to first apply for permits with the county.

The cost is $100 and before being granted one the owners must meet one main requirement, which is to have a proper cage for the animal. This means one that the cage cannot bend when the animal's entire weight is placed on it. Also, the animal must not be able to dig underneath it or climb over it.

"They're not just going to bite you like a dog would. I mean this is a wild animal that's bred with a domestic animal that has the capability and the background to kill you," says Sosebee.

When it comes to these ordinances animal control officials say they are more than just a bark but instead they have a lot of 'BITE'. For example, someone found guilty of violating them could face up to a $1,000 in fines and/or possible jail time.

For more information on the new clauses or how to apply for a permit call the Lauderdale County Animal Control at (601) 485-1956.