Lisman Fires

Two days have passed and smoke still smolders from what's left of the two charred housed on Coleman Circle in Lisman. Tuesday night around 10:30 the homes were destroyed by a fire, which also damaged tow others nearby.

Seketha Caston was one of the first to spot the blaze.

"Yeah, I was scared because I thought my sister's house was going to catch on fire. So, I wanted to make sure they got out of the house," Seketha says.

Ultimately, no one was hurt. However, onlookers say it could have been worse. Although they weren't destroyed, the houses directly to the left and the right of the charred homes also received an undetermined amount of damage before being saved by firefighters.

At the time of the fire we're told that the two homes destroyed were vacant, one which was being remodeled. As it stands, the owner of the homes says she has reason to believe that the fire was intentionally set.

"They had to because it didn't have any lights or nothing in there. The only thing still on was my water. It didn't have any lights or gas. So, there wasn't nothing that could've caught a fire," Linda Jackson.

At this time investigators say it's still too early to tell the cause of the fire. At last check no arrests had been made. Meanwhile, as for Jackson, she says she's now looking ahead to a somewhat unknown future.

"It makes me feel bad because I really don't have anywhere. I don't have anywhere else."

Anyone interested in aiding the fire victims can call (205) 398-7547.