Airport Report

Bottom line, the number of passengers is up, with the total number of passengers at the airport equaling about 22,000.

A breakdown report shows that compared to a year ago at the same time, the number of passengers using the airport increased 19 percent in October, 30 percent in November, and 35 percent in December.

Although the addition of 50 passenger jet service in May played a role in the increase, airport officials say the impact was caused by much more.

"We didn't really like the schedule we got and ASA, the Delta Connection, changed our schedule the first of October and that's when the real increase started happening. That's when the growth really started," says Meridian Regional Airport Authority President Tom Williams.

Williams' credits the factors previously mentioned, couple with extra advertising revenue from a federal grant, for the increase. However, things were not so good for all airports in the state.

While Tupelo saw growth last year, Jackson International ended the year pretty much even, while business for Golden Triangle airport in Columbus was somewhat down.

Although things are good, airport officials say they want to make them better. While negotiations continue about airfare prices, officials tell us if all goes well an additional flight will be added to the schedule by this summer. Currently the airport offers three incoming and three outgoing flights each day.