Road Bonds for City and County

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Lauderdale County's District 1 supervisor Eddie Harper told members of the Council of Governments that a bond issue is the answer to improving the county's roads.

"They need it. A lot of areas need it real bad, and I'll remind people that if we do not get the bond issue, that we will not have any money to pave roads with at all," Harper said.

Fellow supervisor Craig Hitt of District 3 agreed, pointing out bond issues for roadwork are normally done every four years.

"Reality is we're looking at somewhere between $35,000 and $40,000 to overlay a mile of road and somewhere between $70,000 and $75,000 to pave a dirt road," said Hitt.

The majority of the bond issue money will be spent in the rural areas but the supervisors do not plan to neglect their city constituents.

"And as we did in the last term, we will work with city officials," said Hitt. "We did paving inside the city with the last bond issue and we will continue to do that as far as I'm concerned and I feel like this board feels very strongly about that."

As a further indication of an apparent new spirit of cooperation between city and county officials, Harper turned his attention to Meridian city councilman, Dr. George Thomas, who was present, and to one of the city's major traffic problems, North Hills Street from 10th Avenue to Highway 39.

"I've already been working with George on a situation where we're going to try to do something on the North Hills Street area because that was one of the things that was addressed a lot during my campaign," said Harper. "And it's a need that's a need not just for District 1 but for all of Meridian, because I think everybody in Meridian winds up going down North Hills Street sometime during the day."

Harper said he believes county crews could do the actual work with the city paying for the asphalt needed.