Local Lawmakers React to Inauguration

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Mississippi's moment was just that, a moment. In less than two minutes Haley Barbour was sworn into office as Governor. His speech that followed garnered just as much attention from East Mississippi delegates, both democrats and republicans alike.

"I always like when I hear him talk about public education. As a big supporter of public education, I like that. I hope he will keep us on the right track with public education," said Gloria Williamson, a Democratic State Senator for District 18.

"We heard today, what we expected to hear today. He is going to create an environment where we can all work together, regardless of race, culture, party or background. I think he is going to work well with the legislature," said Terry Burton a Republican State Senator for District 31.

This inauguration was slightly different than the one four years ago. As you may recall, after the close race in 1999 the election was thrown to the house. Ronnie Musgrove was overwhelming elected by the legislature.

It created a relationship that many thought would be a good one. Unfortunately, the House driven election cast a shadow on Musgrove's inauguration day and that supposedly good relationship quickly turned contentious. It’s a working relationship many lawmakers hope will be better with Barbour.

While today's event was dominated with lawmakers, it wasn’t all politics. Several East Mississippians made the trip to the capital city.

Roslyn Dew of Stonewall was one of them, "He has been good to us. He has been down to stonewall and been down to Quitman and been to enterprise and we wanted to show up and support him," said Dew.

Helen Ann Beeman of Quitman was excited to be there,” I am the chair of the republican committee down in Clarke County and we worked so hard to get him here. This is really Mississippi's Moment," said Beeman.

Haley Barbour's moment has officially begun. Is it going to be what voters intended for it to be? Only the next four years will reveal that answer.