Sewage Problem

"It gets SO BAD that I can't even stay out here. I have to leave!"

Homeowner Richard Gray is talking about the smell of sewage from a relatively new lift station on Cotton Gin Road.

According to residents, the smell comes and goes sometimes two to three times a day, lasting about 30 minutes or longer. One motorist who works in the area told us that she smells the stinky stench when she's driving, even when her windows are up.

"It’s just gross!" says Kathy McQuaig. "I feel sorry for the people who live around it. It'll knock you out, ha ha."

Operated by the city of Meridian the lift station was installed about three months ago. It's a life station for waste from the Navy base. Since the beginning Gray says it's been a problem. He goes on to say that he has contacted the city but has seen little done about the problem.

We talked with Meridian Public Works director Monty Jackson who told us that:

"Although a nuisance, the smell is not an environmental or health hazard. If all goes well, we'll have a temporary fix in place within the next week and a permanent one in place hopefully in the near future."

Meanwhile, Gray says he's taking at least some of the matter into his own hands.

"I called the Health Department. They said they're going to send somebody out here to take a look at it also. I'd just like for the city to get out here and correct THEIR PROBLEM!"