Barbour Gets Rave Reviews

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A host of Mississippi leaders, past and present, were together in Jackson for the governor's inauguration. It seems many are optimistic about the administration of Haley Barbour.

Former Lt. Governor Brad Dye, a Democrat, said he knew Haley Barbour would run for governor long before it became common knowledge.

"Haley told me at halftime two years before the election, at the Arkansas-Mississippi game that had all the overtime, he said 'Brad, I'm going to run for governor and I want your help.' I said, 'Haley, why do you want to be governor?' He told me he thought he could do something for this state. He certainly believes it and I believe he can," Dye said.

Sen. Trent Lott said the election of Haley Barbour will help Mississippi in Washington.

"I think Haley Barbour and I will be able to work together very closely. We've talked a lot. We've got some of the same priorities for our state," Lott said.

Lt. Governor Amy Tuck said she expects that she and House Speaker Bill McCoy will be on the same page in the current legislative session.

"We have certainly similar goals of making sure that education is a priority and I have a great working relationship with Speaker McCoy," said Tuck.

First District Cong. Roger Wicker said he thinks Gov. Barbour's connections and friendships will be a plus for Mississippi.

"We have someone who can tough the power centers in Washington and in the business community all across this country and I think that will give us a lift," Wicker said.