Migraine Relief


"Sometimes I get to where I can't speak. It's very scary," said Elizabeth Heath, migraine sufferer from Meridian.

"The throbbing pain hits me in the top part of my nose and then it goes around to the back of my head," said Susan Cosgrove, migraine sufferer from Newton.

"Imagine having a headache which last 23 days straight!" said Narcy Walker, migraine sufferer from Philadelphia.

Narcy Walker from Philadelphia has experienced just that. Since childhood Narcy has suffered from migraines.

Friday she and more than a dozen other migraine sufferers learned more about this sometimes debilitating problem at a special seminar sponsored by Riley Hospital.

"Certain food like aged cheeses and aged meats, alcohol or caffeine and chocolate are very well known triggers for migraines," said Dr. Joel Callahan, Riley Hospital.

Common in women, Dr. Callahan says migraines often become more severe with age. Although over the counter medicines are good for some, he says alternate treatments such as shots or nasal sprays are good for others.

Meanwhile, as for the best way to treat a migraine headache, Dr. Callahan says that's to catch it early by taking medication on the onset.

"If you're taking things on a daily basis several times a week you probably need to see a physician to streamline your medication," Dr. Callahan said.

Dr. Callahan says getting the "heads-up" on migraine headaches is the key to relief. Whatever it takes today's participants say it's worth it!

"It's wonderful to just wake up and have a day that you don't have a headache!" Narcy Walker said.